President Dilma Rousseff: One Step Closer to Impeachment

Earlier this year, rumblings about a possible impeachment of current Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, due to a myriad of corruption allegations, gained significant attention. The rumblings appear to have now been legitimized after the Brazilian Federal Accounts Courts decision regarding the mismanagement of the government’s budget. The government, spearheaded by Rousseff, allegedly participated in the illegal and unconstitutional practice of borrowing money from state banks in order to make up for deficiencies in the budget. Augusto Nardes, the minister who handled the case in the Federal Accounts Courts, stated that the Brazilian government rose its spending at an alarming rate “without fiscal sustainability and without the required transparency” while operating under a budget with irregularities that surpassed twenty-six billion dollars. While the decision from the Federal Accounts Courts is not binding, the ruling is significant enough to lead towards President Rousseff’s impeachment.

President Rousseff faces additional legal woes due to a separate investigation in which she is accused of receiving illegal funding in the form of kickbacks from companies such as the oil giant, Petrobras, in order to finance her most recent presidential campaign. The investigation, which was opened on the behalf of her then-opponent, Aecio Neves, could potentially invalidate President Rousseff’s win. Still down in the popularity polls, President Rousseff faces a grim panorama. The ruling by the Federal Accounts Courts has confirmed what many had been suspecting: the Brazilian corruption lid is now wide open.


Background piece from earlier this year:

Recent sources pertaining to the ruling



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